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Adventures Around the Internet

18 Apr

grumpy Okay. Computer is no longer Dead, and is actually working Quite Wonderfully, and I’m using this as an opportunity to get rid of Old Nonsense. Did you realize I still had an AIM account? You didn’t? Because nobody has had one of those since the late 90s? WELL I NEVER (bothered to update).

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Dog, Recovery

28 Mar

Last Wednesday, I returned from running errands, uncrated the dogs, and went to go make myself some tea. I didn’t even pay conscious attention to the dogs as I did this (“Good boys, who are my good boys? Who smells like boxfarts? You smell like boxfarts!”). Shima the Puppy followed me to the kitchen, like usual. Zu the Dog…didn’t.

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Con Report-Arisia 2016

18 Jan

Finished my first convention in…three years? Four? It went very well, except for the parts when it didn’t, such as when I totally swore at one of my childhood heroes.

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2016 Goals (This time, she means it)

1 Jan

Aaaand I reread the last blog post, “2015 Wrapup, 2016 Goals”, which delivers on the wrapup but nosedived on the goals. Let’s address this, shall we?

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8 Dec

Hey! It’s time for the annual book giveaway! This is a contest! It’s a stupid-easy contest! Exclamation points!!!

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Small Business Saturday and Holiday Sales

28 Nov

It’s Small Business Saturday! Also known as: a fake holiday created by a credit card company oh just support some small businesses already. We may be tiny and overworked, but we try really darned hard to deliver original items and content, and we do this out of love.

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Never-ending List of Things to Do, May Edition

26 May

Okay…STATE MACHINE has been out for two weeks, and I’m gradually getting some other projects under control. Let’s do the monthly(ish) roundup!

Novels & Stories

websiteSMcoverSTATE MACHINE is out in ebook, and I’m now working to get the print version finalized. The cover art on this one doesn’t seem to suffer from the same blurriness that MAKER SPACE did when it went to print, so I expect a faster turnaround on this copy.

GREEK KEY is chugging away. Hope is a fun character to write, and I’m a much faster writer when I’m not juggling grimdark themes. Since this one’s about time travel, death and dying, and psychotic residual spirit energy, it’s total pancakes. With syrup, even! Probable release date is Halloween week.


I’ve given up feeling guilty about the delays on finishing the audiobook (she lied). I had something of an epiphany that in order to get this project done properly, I’ve been learning enough brand-new skills to qualify as a second career. I’ve never done anything with audio recordings before, and since I don’t want these books to be rushed, half-assed jokes, I’m doing it right.

(Yes, the Kickstarter was supposed to pay for someone else to do this for me. Once this mess is finished, there’s going to be a very long post about it… /grinds teeth)


There’s only two more chapters left in Act 2, and then this phase of the story is done. I don’t know how I feel about this: Act 3 moves the characters 15 years into the future, but I like them how they are now. I keep telling myself that all things change, that stories have to come to a close eventually… I’m experiencing some honest fear that these fake people who live in my brain will eventually be gone.

Us human beings are weird, guys!

Meanwhile, I’m updating parts of the site that I’ve neglected for ages. The Reader Guide page has been cleaned up, and the FAQ is next on the list.


If you sent me this, please email or message me. I have your book.

Still looking for the person who sent me this from Post-it limbo.

If you’re the person who sent me this, please email or message me. You won! I have your paperback copy of MAKER SPACE.

People have purchased multiple digital copies of STATE MACHINE and have requested these be placed into the donations queue. I’ve already been sending these out to readers who write to me with financial hardship requests. I’m very glad we can do this.


I freakin’ love this thing! A regular monthly income is such a relief. Thank you for poking me until I set it up.

Based on feedback from the last Never-ending post, I’ve changed the fourth tier goals from dropping the ads to drawing Hope and Pat’s wedding story.

And I think the daily puns are helping me learn how to speed up my drawing process. I’m a tragically slow artist. Every single comic takes me at least 10 hours to complete. If there are multiple characters doing interesting things, just go ahead and cancel my appointments.

What Else?

Questions? Comments? What am I forgetting?


28 Apr

IS MADE OF WORD-THINGS oh I need such a nap…

STATE MACHINE is coming on May 11th, which means I’m fairly exhausted. I love everything about self-publishing except this final push. The book is done, but where traditionally published authors get to send their final draft to a printer and say Have at it, Ye Knaves!, I spend about a month making sure the book is good enough to go to press. Finalizing the cover art, going through pre-press layout, and all that. Then there’s copyediting and going through the text line by line to eliminate word and phrase echos–these are tedious but necessary chores, and I’m very lucky to have farmed out the copyediting to Danny-Who-Insists-On-Too-Many-Italics-No-I-Will-Not-Let-This-Go. Oh, and we’re in the middle of getting our foundation repaired so our house doesn’t collapse, so there’s that, too.

After April 30th, I’m back into audio editing for DIGITAL DIVIDE. Barring hell, high water, and the risin’ of a certain local crick, both of these will be done by May 11th. I’ll have more to say here about these projects when they’re done and my brain isn’t a tiny pool of goo kept alive by caffeine and chemicals.

(By the way, you can read the first seven chapters of STATE MACHINE here. This download contains a zipped file with .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats.)

PITCH US! 2014 (artists)

17 Dec

I try to do this every holiday season over at the comic, but I’m slammed this year and I thought it’d be nice for people to have a permalink to their sites. Plus, I’m slammed this year and can’t email the emails. I’m so slammed, I’m just cut-and-pasting this header from last week’s writers’ pitch post.

Photo credit to

Space unicorn. VICTORY!

Do you do digital art? Or work on comics? Or make sculptures or take photos or pull whole unicorns out of the threads of outer space? Tell us about it! If you do any of these or more, promote your work here! And don’t forget to add a link to your portfolio or store!

(Please try to keep it short. If you’re a writer, last week’s post is for you! If you’re a maker, next week’s post is where you can pitch your projects.)


25 Nov

Hey, did you know that people can be awesome? Since MAKER SPACE was released, readers have been donating copies of the books for a giveaway. I’ve already done a bunch of digital donations, but this holiday season, I’ve got 3 paperback copies of DIGITAL DIVIDE and 6 copies of MAKER SPACE to give out (postage included).

Would you like one? Do you have a camera? Great! Let’s do this!

Write GIMME BOOK! on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. Then post a link to your photos at your own blog (preferred method) in the comments. If you don’t have a blog or have privacy concerns, you can email it to me and I’ll post it anonymously.

There are three categories:

Most Boring Photo

Who needs dynamic or exciting photos? Not us! Those require “time” and “skill”. Your entry should be as dull and mundane as possible. Make us cry with boredom. One copy of MAKER SPACE and one copy of DIGITAL DIVIDE to the winner. One copy of MAKER SPACE to the runner-up.

You can do better than this.

You can do better than this.

Weirdest/Cleverest/Sweetest Photo

So you think you can do better than a boring photo? Prove it! Stick your Post-It in weird places, or on a stack of stuffed ducks reading books of their own, or within a basket of sleeping kittens. One copy of MAKER SPACE and one copy of DIGITAL DIVIDE to the winner. One copy of MAKER SPACE to the runner-up.

You can definitely do better than this.

You can definitely do better than this.

Most Gut-bustingly Funny

You win if you make me laugh harder than anyone else. I don’t care what you do–Heck, if you can draw, make a cartoon! As long as it says GIMME BOOK! somewhere in it, it’s legal. One copy of MAKER SPACE and one copy of DIGITAL DIVIDE to the winner. One copy of MAKER SPACE to the runner-up.


  1. I’m the one who decides who gets what.
  2. You have until midnight EST on Monday, December 8, 2014 to post your photos.
  3. You can have one entry per category, but you can only win in one category. See: Rule 1.
  4. The usual disclaimers (aka: Don’t do anything stupid or dangerous or harmful to yourself or others when taking these photos! Don’t send me pictures of your junk, or your poop, or your dog’s poop…) apply.
  5. You don’t have to use brand-name Post-Its because I’m not getting royalties or nuthin’.