Never-ending List of Things to Do, May Edition

Okay…STATE MACHINE has been out for two weeks, and I’m gradually getting some other projects under control. Let’s do the monthly(ish) roundup!

Novels & Stories

websiteSMcoverSTATE MACHINE is out in ebook, and I’m now working to get the print version finalized. The cover art on this one doesn’t seem to suffer from the same blurriness that MAKER SPACE did when it went to print, so I expect a faster turnaround on this copy.

GREEK KEY is chugging away. Hope is a fun character to write, and I’m a much faster writer when I’m not juggling grimdark themes. Since this one’s about time travel, death and dying, and psychotic residual spirit energy, it’s total pancakes. With syrup, even! Probable release date is Halloween week.


I’ve given up feeling guilty about the delays on finishing the audiobook (she lied). I had something of an epiphany that in order to get this project done properly, I’ve been learning enough brand-new skills to qualify as a second career. I’ve never done anything with audio recordings before, and since I don’t want these books to be rushed, half-assed jokes, I’m doing it right.

(Yes, the Kickstarter was supposed to pay for someone else to do this for me. Once this mess is finished, there’s going to be a very long post about it… /grinds teeth)


There’s only two more chapters left in Act 2, and then this phase of the story is done. I don’t know how I feel about this: Act 3 moves the characters 15 years into the future, but I like them how they are now. I keep telling myself that all things change, that stories have to come to a close eventually… I’m experiencing some honest fear that these fake people who live in my brain will eventually be gone.

Us human beings are weird, guys!

Meanwhile, I’m updating parts of the site that I’ve neglected for ages. The Reader Guide page has been cleaned up, and the FAQ is next on the list.


If you sent me this, please email or message me. I have your book.
Still looking for the person who sent me this from Post-it limbo.

If you’re the person who sent me this, please email or message me. You won! I have your paperback copy of MAKER SPACE.

People have purchased multiple digital copies of STATE MACHINE and have requested these be placed into the donations queue. I’ve already been sending these out to readers who write to me with financial hardship requests. I’m very glad we can do this.


I freakin’ love this thing! A regular monthly income is such a relief. Thank you for poking me until I set it up.

Based on feedback from the last Never-ending post, I’ve changed the fourth tier goals from dropping the ads to drawing Hope and Pat’s wedding story.

And I think the daily puns are helping me learn how to speed up my drawing process. I’m a tragically slow artist. Every single comic takes me at least 10 hours to complete. If there are multiple characters doing interesting things, just go ahead and cancel my appointments.

What Else?

Questions? Comments? What am I forgetting?

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4 thoughts on “Never-ending List of Things to Do, May Edition

    1. That’s the main plotline: “The Teenage Menace”. Undead pixies, psychopathic cyborgs, and congressional commitees have nothing on these Teenage Mutant Ninja Teenagers.

  1. Fifteen years?? I hope you at some point go fill those years in with novels, à la the Rachel novels for the 5 year gap.

    Gads, I hope it doesn’t take them 15 years to track down Clarice!…

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