Joshsmut is live!

Thanks to the generosity and support of my Patreons, I’m launching my first serial fiction.

The first Joshsmut was so much fun to write, but it never paid for itself so I couldn’t justify taking the time from paying projects to work on the other installments. I’m grateful I now get the chance to write more raunchy sex comedies oh my parents must be so proud…Anyhow! The Josh Glassman Adventures are eight novellas (30k-40k words in length) that follow national* playboy Josh Glassman as he solves crimes and engages in… Well. These are sex comedies. An adult sensibility is recommended, and being 18 or over to read them is absolutely required.

As these novellas will be delivered as serials, I’m re-releasing the first book, The Russians Came Knocking, in 1,500-word installments three times a week. Once TRCK is finished, I’ll start posting segments of the new book in installments. After each book is completed, I’ll make them available for sale via Amazon and other ebook distributors. Each novella will get a new cover by Jenny Adams and will be sold at the princely price of .99 cents. However, the serialized installments will remain online and will be free to all readers.

I’m hosting these installments offsite. I want to make sure this is a wholly opt-in project (as some people don’t like sexytimes), and there’s an RSS feed for the site.

Here’s the link again.

* Josh would love to be an international playboy, but he’s not allowed to leave the country.

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2 thoughts on “Joshsmut is live!

  1. Y’know, if you tag all the specific story posts on the tumblr with a common tag (like, say, “story”), you can put a link in your sidebar to the chronological archive using (with whatever tag you use in place of the “story” there)

    It’s really handy for reading through serials like that.

    Mind you, I bought the book; the dreaded squirrels are still fresh enough in my memory. But it might be handy for people if you do it that way 😉

  2. So… was this plan scrapped? Because I’ve only just found out about this, but I noticed that the page hasn’t been updating since January.

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