I once watched this woman take a live falcon to the face. After that, I wouldn’t dream of any other editor for my self-published books.

T. Kingfisher, Hugo award-winning author

I’m a professional editor with 15+ years experience in both fiction and nonfiction, and am usually available for freelance editing work.

A general edit of 90k words is $350. This price includes a minimum of 3 single-spaced pages in 12pt Times New Roman in which I break down the strengths and weaknesses of your project, and identify areas for improvement. My turnaround time for 90k words is typically 14 days.

Pricing for line edits is determined by project. I strongly recommend a general edit prior to a line edit, especially for writers who have not yet worked with an editor.

For first-time writers looking to self-publish, I can also point you towards resources which will improve the quality of your book, such as copyediting, cover design, and interior layout.

I reserve the right to decline any project.

The fastest way to reach me is via my author’s email (kbspangler AT kbspangler DOT com) or via the comic’s email.

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