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(Short Story) Ice Cream Social

10 May

I posted this story about Mako and Avery for my Patreon supporters in 2017. I thought it would stay in the archives forever: this story was me trying to wrap my mind around the Black Lives Matter movement and how it impacted every aspect of black and brown lives. Especially how parents would explain something so serious and so complicated and so very terrifying to their young children.

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Two weeks after surgery

21 Feb

Dog gets his stitches out tomorrow. His wound is clean and there shouldn’t be any complications, so here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve learned over the past two weeks of caring for an amputee pet.

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Books and Dog Legs

30 Jan

This is supposed to be a notification post that the second Joshsmut, The Dinosaur Heist, came out today. The first book in the series, The Russians Came Knocking, is currently free on Amazon Kindle.

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Return of the Joshsmut

12 Jan

Coming in January!

One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on is the Joshsmut. These are eight novellas (30k-40k words in length) that follow national* playboy Josh Glassman as he solves crimes and engages in…well. These are sex romps. An adult sensibility is recommended, and being 18 or over to read them is absolutely required.

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Spanish Mission

31 Aug

The second Hope Blackwell book is now live!

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Tank Crash

11 May

I used to keep marine aquariums, and I freakin’ loved it. Not just fish, no…I kept two different live coral reefs in my own living room. The small one was soft-bodied corals, the larger one was stony polyps. There were fish, yes, little flame hawkfish and small reef-safe coral beauties, and clownfish I had hand-raised from babies.

I murdered them all.

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ISSUES: Coping Strategies

16 Oct

This is a short story I did for Geeky Giving, a charity working to promote research in “Parkinson’s, ALS, traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s and more.” They were kind enough to let me do an AGAHF short story for the charity anthology, so I did Jenny and Shawn: Jenny because she’s the researcher, Shawn because he’s been hurt. The story’s copyright has reverted to me, so I’m posting it here for everyone.

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17 Sep

Sometimes a story gets into your head and refuses to leave.

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Current Projects

28 Aug

I need to post an update about current projects, yes? Yes. Here’s the project update list, in order:

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Protected: Time and Opportunity

17 Jul

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