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28 Nov

The fourth Rachel Peng book is loose in the world!

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It’ll be a difficult Thanksgiving, but I love you, so…

16 Nov

Hey, you look great. And that turkey! Fresh bread, too? You’ve outdone yourself this year.

I brought pie. It’s from Costco, but they make darned good pies.

I also brought some stuff for you to read. I know you don’t want to–I know we’re all sick to death of politics–but it’s important to me.

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Rachel Peng book sale!

10 Nov

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BRUTE FORCE – on dreams and dreaming

17 Sep

Here’s a small spoiler-free section from BRUTE FORCE, the next Rachel Peng novel. I’m brushing up these pages today and thought you might like a look at this, and some of the research that informed it.

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Joshsmut is live!

14 Jul

Thanks to the generosity and support of my Patreons, I’m launching my first serial fiction.

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An Email to a Young Artist

9 May
So I was in a waiting room drawing cat butts last week, and some very nice women sat down next to me. We got to talking about art, and one woman mentioned she had a younger teenager who was passionate about becoming an artist. I gave her my card, the teenager wrote to me, and… Well. I had hoped that I could just link to a few art community websites, but none of these seem safe for kids. I jotted down the following instead:

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Adventures Around the Internet

18 Apr

grumpy¬†Okay. Computer is no longer Dead, and is actually working Quite Wonderfully, and I’m using this as an opportunity to get rid of Old Nonsense. Did you realize I still had an AIM account? You didn’t? Because nobody has had one of those since the late 90s? WELL I NEVER (bothered to update).

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Dog, Recovery

28 Mar

Last Wednesday, I returned from running errands, uncrated the dogs, and went to go make myself some tea. I didn’t even pay conscious attention to the dogs as I did this (“Good boys, who are my good boys? Who smells like boxfarts? You smell like boxfarts!”). Shima the Puppy followed me to the kitchen, like usual. Zu the Dog…didn’t.

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Con Report-Arisia 2016

18 Jan

Finished my first convention in…three years? Four? It went very well, except for the parts when it didn’t, such as when I totally swore at one of my childhood heroes.

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2016 Goals (This time, she means it)

1 Jan

Aaaand I reread the last blog post, “2015 Wrapup, 2016 Goals”, which delivers on the wrapup but nosedived on the goals. Let’s address this, shall we?

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