Small Business Saturday and Holiday Sales

It’s Small Business Saturday! Also known as: a fake holiday created by a credit card company oh just support some small businesses already. We may be tiny and overworked, but we try really darned hard to deliver original items and content, and we do this out of love.

Local bookstores are a great place to start. My favorite is Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, North Carolina. Quail Ridge Books puts on great events, and prides itself on providing community support to indie authors and household-name authors alike. They also keep a ton of signed books by NC authors in stock. If somebody on your holiday shopping list enjoys David Sedaris, you might want to call and ask if they have a few copies on hand. There are also some signed copies left from when Bill Nye the Science Guy dropped by…and let’s pretend that rhyme never happened.


If you love webcomics, there’s a great webcomic sale happening right now! A bunch of webcomics folks are offering some very nice SBS discounts:









Check these sales out! Original art, dolls, gift bags!!!  Thanks and credit to ItsWalky for assembling this list.


And then there’s my stuff.

I was supposed to participate in the SBS webcomics event, but my book restock still hasn’t arrived. I’m tracking it and it should be here by Tuesday. Sad news for me: I didn’t want to participate in a big community sale when I’m sitting on a ton of outstanding orders. Boooo.

Good news for you! If you ordered a copy of Greek Key and haven’t received it yet, I’m adding a bonus gift to your package. Yaaaay!

And! For everyone who orders a physical item worth $10 or more from now until December 23rd, I’ll add a free cloisonné pin!


Order $10 or more, get one pin. Order $30 or more, get both!

I’ll be very flexible on the math: as long as I’m putting at least one physical item in the mail to you, you can fill your cart with ebooks to bring up your total and still get your pins.

Let’s do some free shipping to sweeten the deal, too!

Free shipping and handling with code DECEMBER

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