Adventures Around the Internet

grumpy Okay. Computer is no longer Dead, and is actually working Quite Wonderfully, and I’m using this as an opportunity to get rid of Old Nonsense. Did you realize I still had an AIM account? You didn’t? Because nobody has had one of those since the late 90s? WELL I NEVER (bothered to update).

Moving on… I’m going through my archives and tabs, and realized I should probably collect this information in one place. Here’s a list of my projects around these great and wonderful worldwide webs.

A Girl and Her Fed: The comic.

A Girl and Her Fed-Archives with Commentary: I’m rerunning the comic from the beginning on Tumblr with commentary. I’m very bad at Tumblr, by the way. I cannot Tumbl properly.

A Girl and Her Fed – Facebook: My buddy Elizabeth runs this page. She’s fabulous, and you shouldn’t yell at her if you want to yell at me because I’m not there.


KBSpangler on Patreon: Money goes in, weird stuff comes out. It’s like a sausage factory for creative types. (p.s.: Never ask to see how the sausage is made. It’s just a brutal mess of swearing and sweat pants.)

Puns are Lazy Humor: The Tumblr archive for the daily Patreon puns. Once puns hit their expiration date, they’re reshelved here to rot.

Places where I should be more active-

The Disasterhouse Blog: This fucking house, guys. This fucking house. This blog will start updating again, soon-ish. Expect much weeping.

Goodreads: Love the idea of this community, would love to contribute more to its content. It’s got its flaws, but it’s an active site for booklovers!

Things I make and sell-

Books: The list on this site is kept updated from newest to oldest publications.

Short stories: I’ve got several of these pending publication and will have a centralized CV page when they begin to go live.

Shirts: Okay. So. I have a ton of great t-shirt designs, and had a nice high-quality print place. Recently, this print place told all indie creators that they no longer wanted to sell anything other than bootleg products, and if you had your own stuff you needed to update these with Steven Universe swipes or whatnot. So. I’m between shirt distributors until I get the time to set up a new account at a different distributor.

Swag: The comic’s store has everything from Speedy plushes to original art.


Published by KBSpangler

A freelance editor who writes novels, comics, and repairs a disaster of a house in her spare time:

4 thoughts on “Adventures Around the Internet

  1. When the page loaded and my brain indicated the presence of “photo of human woman”, my immediate interpretation was “ooh, a picture of KB!”.

  2. I applaud your victory over the fiendish computer….. i cannot wait patiently for the next Peng or Hope novels, cause well i am impatient for a good yarn and AGAHF comic development (snazy going there by the way). please keep up the excellent work, AGAHF and novels are one of the few things that actually make me laugh these days…..

  3. Copy editorial thing for Maker Space, it has:

    “we can use a propylene torch …”

    Could be acetylene, could be propane; polypropylene is a solid, not a gas.

    My Internet adventure is — copy editing work I respect.
    Much appreciate yours.

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