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Never-ending List of Things to Do, January 2020 Edition

1 Jan

New year, many of the same projects. Let’s go down the list…

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The Matter of a “Few Dollars”

9 Dec

So. Let’s talk about Patreon.

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Never-Ending List of Things to Do, Feb ’16 Edition

9 Feb

Write a blog post.

Quiet, brain, I’m working.

Write a blog post!

Working. Hush. I’ll give you cookies.

Write a blog post or I’ll remind you about this thing you did when you were eight.

Fine. Okay. Right. Let’s organize the work schedule for the next few months, shall we?

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Neverending List of Things to Do, March Edition

2 Mar

It’s Monday! I’m paying bills! I’m organizing my schedule! I’m drawing pictures of penises in tiny hats happy kittens playing with bits of string. Let’s throw some of these deadlines out there and see where they stick:

Novels & Stories

The soft release date for STATE MACHINE, the third Rachel Peng book, is on or around May 4th. I’ll do a firm release date when the cover art is finalized.

The soft release date for GREEK KEY, the first Hope Blackwell book, is on or around June 15th.

It’s looking like the third tier on my Patreon will be met sometime within the next few months, so after I get the Kickstarter nailed down, I’ll start working on Joshsmut again.

I have a story about Ami the Assassin out on spec to a sci-fi publisher. I should hear back within the next month whether they’ll take it. If they pass, I’ll put it up for sale in the store.


This thing, guys, this thing… I don’t even…

LEAGUE NIGHT and COME BOWLING WITH ME have already been sent out. Backers who bought the challenge coins (and nothing else) have already received them.

As for the rest… Okay, I need to speak generally here, as I have prepaid a Supplier and don’t want what I say to backfire on me (read: Sucker! Your money is MINE FOREVER), but there is a certain level of irony to needing to take out a loan to finish fulfilling a Kickstarter. There’s yet another level of irony to paying a Supplier to do work that you don’t have the time or skill to do yourself, but they do it so poorly that you then have to do it yourself anyhow. I’m drawing a second mini-comic for all backers who also bought a copy of ZOO STORY as an apology for the delay.

I’m aiming to have the audiobook of DIGITAL DIVIDE finished and shipped to backers before the third Rachel Peng book hits, so this will be on or around May 1st.

As for final product shipping, we’re headed back to the studio soon to finish recording MAKER SPACE. Once I’ve completed the digital edits, I can put everything in the mail and ship it all out. I don’t have a firm deadline on when this will happen.


GIMME BOOK 2014 is over, and all books have been shipped. Except for the person who sent me this:

If you sent me this, please email or message me. I have your book.

If you sent me this, please email or message me. You won, but I need your address as I still have your book.



I’m thinking of changing the fourth tier from “Get rid of ads on the website” to “Make the Wedding Story.” I’ve had the script Pat and Hope’s wedding finished for years, and I’ve never had the time to draw it. I’d give this project priority status in the Neverending Queue if the fourth tier is met.

Also, my ad company changed hands recently, and they’ve stopped a lot of the nonsense that made me want to ditch them. They’ve added an auto-report feature where I can report a problematic ad and it’s removed immediately. If you ever see any ads with malware or are triggering (e.g.: sexist, racist, etc.), let me know and I can get them pulled.


This blog will begin updating soon, as: (1) we’ve done the math, and we’ve accepted that we’re trapped in this Amityville horror and can’t afford to move; and (2) the financial cost of the foundation repairs we’re going to do this month would buy a very nice car. We’re talking a fine German engineering level of “nice”.

It’s March

I approve. I am in favor of Spring.

Never-ending List of Things to Do, October Edition

30 Oct

I’ve promised myself I’ll do one of these project roundups every month to keep myself on track–Hey! It’s almost Halloween! Better get writing.

Art Projects

Hahaha nope. No time. September’s projects are still on the List.

I’m overdue to do a cheesecake wallpaper, though.

Novels & Stories

Gradually making progress on Rachel Peng #3 and Hope Blackwell #1. Both of these have had title reveals for Patreon supporters. I’m thinking I’ll do a broad reveal for title & draft cover art in November.

I’m also working on a short story about Ami the Assassin. As November is NaNoWriMo and I have no chance whatsoever in finishing two 120k-word novels, I’m aiming to get the Ami story fully completed by the end of the month.


My head’s in a bad place with the Kickstarter. Recording has been postponed for very, very valid reasons, and I know I need to make a status update. I’ve been working on an extra bonus story to apologize for the delays. This bonus story will complement the “League Night” story, and will take place from Shawn’s point of view.

This second story has been an interesting project. At the time Rachel takes Shawn bowling, he’s been putting himself back together for about three months. Not very long at all! So while the story’s in first-person, he’s still a completely unreliable narrator. My intention was to have readers take away absolutely nothing of factual use from this story–any hard data Shawn provides shouldn’t be believed–but Shawn’s emotional state should be clear.

It was fun to do. I don’t know if it works, but it was fun to do.


Same as last month. Fortunately, we’ve got a holiday season coming up.

Other Projects

I’ve finally mailed off all international orders, posters, and other assorted such-and-such. I need an intern, badly (I hear they work for the joy of basking in my warm glowing warming glow and don’t actually want me to pay them? What? They need to eat, too? Nuts… no intern for me.)

I’m behind on emails. See: intern.

The Weeping Closet

I adore my Weeping Closet. It’s so dark and warm in there. I’ve made a little blanket nest for me and the dog…

I might be a little overworked.

[maniacal laughter]

Patreon bonuses?

2 Jul

It looks as though I’ll be starting a Patreon campaign soon, which I said I wouldn’t do until everyone and their sister had one, and since everyone and their sister now has one, I should really get my butt in gear. This means planning bonuses to entice readers to donate. Here are a few ideas I’ve been playing around with…

The Return of the Joshsmut

Josh has been married eight times (Mare was both Wife Three and Wife Eight… Look, they’re complicated), so there are seven novellas left in the series. I’d love to do these as some sort of serialized incentive program for Patreon donors, then turn these serials into a finished product for everybody.

The Disasterhouse Blog

This house, man. Today–this very afternoon!!!–a structural engineer will conduct an assessment of what must be done to keep the southern side of the house from collapsing. Guys, this house is literally falling down and the problems keep getting worse. We’re also trapped in it due to financial reasons: what was supposed to be an investment in cute structurally-sound fixer-upper has become a freakin’ nightmare. And we’re forced to live in it!So you can forgive me if I load up the home blog, look at all of the topics that would make a great (for you) update, and think, “NOPE.”

In addition to updating that blog at least once a week, Brown and I have been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast. Or, as he says, “I will happily argue with you in public if it means I get to review new tools.” Patreon donors would have access to this podcast before it goes live.

Speedy’s Kids

Speedy has over fifty kids throughout the United States, and will soon have a couple hundred more in Australia. None of his offspring can talk, and they aren’t quite as bright as he is, but they still have human-level intelligence. I’ve wanted to do a simple one-panel inkwash comic featuring four of these young koalas on Tumblr for ages… Think Chopping Block, only cuter and much, much darker. Patreon donors would have access to each comic before it goes live.

Other Stuff?

I dunno. What do you want from me?


None of this will happen immediately. Kickstarter fulfillment takes priority, and I need to also finish the thank-you gift for people who bought the serialized version of Digital Divide before it went live. Which was over a year ago and… ugh. Anyhow. In my opinion, it’s dickish to ask for more money before fulfilling prior obligations, so I’m at least going to get the bonus gift, the Digital Divide audiobook, and League Night (the .pdf of the Kickstarter bonus story) sent out before putting up a Patreon campaign.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy these owls.



And this is how you win me as a client

1 Jan

I’ve been shopping around for product manufacturers for donor rewards for the upcoming Kickstarter. One of the big-ticket rewards will be OACET badges. I’ve been looking for vendors who can make badges which look as authentic as possible. Ideally, they would be the same quality, size, and weight as traditional law enforcement badges.

Problem #1: Can’t use a traditional law enforcement badge company. There are many companies that offer badge templates, and you can just plug-and-play with an organization’s information. However, these companies won’t sell to anyone who isn’t an authorized representative of a law enforcement agency. I’m not about to test this, and I’m certainly not about to offer a product as a Kickstarter reward and then find I can’t deliver on it.

Problem #2: Most alternative custom “badge” designers offer shoddy products. Think gumball machine sheriff stars. Woo.

Problem #3: YOUR WORKMANSHIP IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. Let me show you what happened when I approached some alternative custom badge designers which offered slightly higher-end products. This is the original design I sent to them:

The original artwork.

My original artwork.

This is what I received from one company:


I see that you have done nothing with my original design except applied a thorough dipping of “brown”.

A second example from another company:

Gradients mean quality!

Gradients = quality

I received a few more of these from various vendors. They are all nothing but the original art with some form of Photoshop treatment.

I was almost ready to junk the badge idea, but every so often you find a company that can deliver:


My favorite part is how Angry Eagle wants to eat a face.

This last sample came from a jeweler’s company in Maryland who does custom decorative work for state and federal law enforcement. The final design will be tooled in 3D, cast as a die, and then reverse casts will be made.  I’m hoping the Kickstarter goes over its cap, because one of the stretch goals would be to get challenge coins made, and this company does fantastic commemorative coins.