Never-ending List of Things to Do, January 2020 Edition

New year, many of the same projects. Let’s go down the list…

The Comic

The second-to-last scene of Act 2 is wrapping up now. Act 3 begins after a timeskip, and there will be the inevitable changes which come with time, many of which I’ve addressed in this post. There will also be a new artist, and this will allow me so much additional time, you have no idea, seriously, let us commence the dancing in the streets. Such as…

The Kickstarter

In the last Neverending List of Things to Do post, I wrote:

What about the Kickstarter? you ask? It’s not dead. I’m slowly but surely mailing out the bonus items to Backers. The production of the audiobooks might be removed from my hands entirely at some point, which is excellent because I’m not a sound editor and I cannot produce these books myself, not without sacrificing quality. And yes, there’s a huge complicated story here that I can’t disclose even though I just want to scream about the whole mess forever.

All of this is still true, except it’s gone past screaming and now it’s just the kind of story that I’ll tell you if I’m sufficiently drunk at a convention and you don’t mind a lot of cursing.

Bonus Stories

Bonus stories for the comic and novels are constant background static in my brain. What about this underused character? What about this side plot you’ve never fully explored? What about this plot hole which needs patching like a thermal exhaust port on the first Death Star? There’s always something that could use a little more attention. I’ve got three bonus stories planned for this year.

Novellas and Novels

This is the big time sink. I’m good for maybe 2000 words a day on a good day. That’s a fraction of productivity compared to many of my writer buddies. But! I’m still likely to come in at 500,000 words a year, which breaks down into numerous novels and novellas.

Considering the last novel I published was over a year ago (Spanish Mission), and the last novella was a Joshsmut last January, I’m overdue for a release. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been working, as there are seven different prose projects and two graphic novels in my writing schedule. Some of these projects are AGAHF and some aren’t: some are done with traditional publishing in mind, and some are going to go through self-pub. I’ll have at least two novels and one novella out this year.

I know this is vague. I’m learning a lot about trad-pub, and hopefully will be able to release details about which books I’ll self-pub this year.

Home Blog

This house, y’all. At least I’ve almost got the ivy under control.

Happy New Year!

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A freelance editor who writes novels, comics, and repairs a disaster of a house in her spare time:

4 thoughts on “Never-ending List of Things to Do, January 2020 Edition

  1. I’m excited for the new books, but I also profoundly love the home blog. I hope you can update that soon, but I want to be very clear that I hope it’s, like, more garden triumphs, not more load-bearing ivy.

  2. I’m very excited to hear how all your preparation is coming together!

    Am I allowed to hope that some of those 500,000 words will be devoted to the Stoneskin universe?

    Regardless, you have my loyal Patreon Euros, to make sure 2020 is also going to be a great Spangler-Publishing year!

    1. I too, hope we will be getting more of the deep witches universe soon! K.B., I think it has been your best work so far, and I’m saying that as a fan of your AGAHF universe.

  3. I really love reading your webcomic. I am sorry about your finger. I hope it feels better very quickly.

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