Never-ending List of Things to Do, October Edition

I’ve promised myself I’ll do one of these project roundups every month to keep myself on track–Hey! It’s almost Halloween! Better get writing.

Art Projects

Hahaha nope. No time. September’s projects are still on the List.

I’m overdue to do a cheesecake wallpaper, though.

Novels & Stories

Gradually making progress on Rachel Peng #3 and Hope Blackwell #1. Both of these have had title reveals for Patreon supporters. I’m thinking I’ll do a broad reveal for title & draft cover art in November.

I’m also working on a short story about Ami the Assassin. As November is NaNoWriMo and I have no chance whatsoever in finishing two 120k-word novels, I’m aiming to get the Ami story fully completed by the end of the month.


My head’s in a bad place with the Kickstarter. Recording has been postponed for very, very valid reasons, and I know I need to make a status update. I’ve been working on an extra bonus story to apologize for the delays. This bonus story will complement the “League Night” story, and will take place from Shawn’s point of view.

This second story has been an interesting project. At the time Rachel takes Shawn bowling, he’s been putting himself back together for about three months. Not very long at all! So while the story’s in first-person, he’s still a completely unreliable narrator. My intention was to have readers take away absolutely nothing of factual use from this story–any hard data Shawn provides shouldn’t be believed–but Shawn’s emotional state should be clear.

It was fun to do. I don’t know if it works, but it was fun to do.


Same as last month. Fortunately, we’ve got a holiday season coming up.

Other Projects

I’ve finally mailed off all international orders, posters, and other assorted such-and-such. I need an intern, badly (I hear they work for the joy of basking in my warm glowing warming glow and don’t actually want me to pay them? What? They need to eat, too? Nuts… no intern for me.)

I’m behind on emails. See: intern.

The Weeping Closet

I adore my Weeping Closet. It’s so dark and warm in there. I’ve made a little blanket nest for me and the dog…

I might be a little overworked.

[maniacal laughter]

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4 thoughts on “Never-ending List of Things to Do, October Edition

  1. I really don’t want to send you to your weeping closet by asking a Kickstarter question, but has the first Shawn story gone out? League Night?

      1. Awesome, thanks! I just read this above and wasn’t sure. I don’t mind how long it takes, I just didn’t want to miss out.

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