Current Projects

I need to post an update about current projects, yes? Yes. Here’s the project update list, in order:

  • Hope Blackwell #2
  • Josh Glassman #2
  • Rachel Peng #5

Hope Blackwell is about 60% done, with estimated Q4 delivery of Thanksgiving or sooner. You’ll have something snarky to read over the holidays.

Josh Glassman has a couple of chapters written. It has dinosaurs! Dead ones, true, but still. Dinosaurs!

Writing Rachel Peng #5 is going to be very difficult. I’ve got the outline done, but…well. The Peng series is fictional political intrigue, and I’m psychologically wrecked by the real thing right now. My brain careens between howling rage and craven terror and that? That is not a healthy place! Also, comic readers already know that a Bad Thing will happen to Those Characters, and this is that book. So I don’t think it’s the kind of book that’s needed. Not now, not at this time.

I might write a happy Rachel novella while I wait for the world to calm down. She’s got to convince Becca to move in with her between Brute Force and the next novel, and that’s going to require Rachel to do a lot of heavy lifting. (They get their puppy in #6.)

Thanks to my Patreon supporters, I’m also working on the Hope & Pat wedding story. I’ve talked about this for several years: Hope and Pat should have eloped but didn’t, and now they have to deal with a wedding attended by their families, the Mafia, a whole horde of ghosts, and a furry best man with an attitude problem. I have no deadline for this; I work on it if I have a few free hours, but it’s a graphic novella so I’m committed to both art and writing.

Other not-exactly AGAHF projects? I’m working on the Helen of Sparta novel, and have already posted the first chapter for my Patreons. This one is fun, and lets me draw heavily on anthropology, history, and mythology; definitely in my wheelhouse. But as I’ve noted before, it’s most likely a sunk-cost project that will never earn out the time I put into it, and therefore not a priority.

And…well…I feel like I’m tempting fate by writing this, but I’ve got a speculative YA scifi novel prepped to send to agents. We had a death in the family in June, and I coped by vanishing into the word processor. I came out with the first book in a new series. It’s not set anywhere near the AGAHF universe, but I hope you get to meet this world and its characters someday.


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8 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. I feel really stupid for not knowing the Bad Event — I know Rachel dyed her hair white for mourning, but I can’t recall it being mentioned.

    About where in the archives should I look?

      1. Yup! Ben casually slips it in during his chat with Frederick Douglass. It’s soooo subtle.. took me three archive binges to put two and two together!

        1. Being awful about getting subtle hints like this, to see you folks talk about it (months ago) drives me crazy. 😀 I’ve read that three times now, and while I can see oblique references to a number of things, I’m completely lost on this foreshadowing.

  2. Glad to see you are writing, and I look forward to the new material, but, as another writer friend says, “don’t strain your Muse.”

    MUCH stuff going on worldwide that make current US political machinations look like a low-grade tempest in a very small teapot. Much of the outrage is a made-for-TV event— all sides…5, maybe?) are real good at grabbing camera time. 1968 was worse. Situation in Latin/South America could spread, go BAD fast, regionally, especially if oil drops (and it damn well might.) Europe… yeah. A badness thing is happening, and media is looking in the wrong places, following the easy stories in places with nice hotels.

    Best wishes, maintain forward momentum, etc. Things are actually going fairly well, if you look at history.

    Cordially, Rick Richard J. DeLotto, MBA Not blogging enough at

  3. I am so not ready for THAT Bad Thing, so the novella sounds like an excellent idea. But really, I would read anything you happened to throw in our direction.

  4. I’m wrecked … you’re not going to give us our next Rachel fix until things calm down politically?
    (that means that it’ll never be written – President Chump is going to incinerate us all – I’ll never be able to listen to Elton John again without picturing an obese Korean fellow – I need some more brilliantly written escapism, stat!)

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