2 thoughts on “Disasterhouse update

  1. We had a cracked foundation back in CT… geology is a mess, not really recovered from the last glaciation.. years back, when they blasted through ledge for sewer lines …well, CT is swamp or rockface, and the area drained for 5+ years. Foundations cracked and settled.  We bought in 1983.  The crack grew very slowly, until it was a finger wide and all the way through the wall to daylight.  One structural engineer, a geologist and many scurrying men with shovels later, plus Magic Grout, it was Certified Repaired. Structural engineers and basement repair guys are Mages, as far as I am concerned.

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  2. Pre-empting a frequently made Claim: A famed college library is sinking into the ground because its architect failed to take the weight of the books into account.


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