When Hope met Mike (Hope Blackwell #2)

I haven’t posted anything here lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working. The current large prose project is the sequel to Greek Key. It’s less research-oriented than the Rachel books, but writing a book from the perspective of a character with severe ADHD is challenging. Most prose flows from thought to thought, but Hope’sContinue reading “When Hope met Mike (Hope Blackwell #2)”

GREEK KEY is out, so let’s talk about Helen of Troy

All Hope Blackwell wanted was a quiet Mediterranean vacation. Sun, sand, local cuisine…and tracking down Archimedes’ ghost to learn if he’s been tampering with the fabric of reality. But when you’re a psychic whose specialty is communicating with the dead, a trip to Greece means you’ll come face-to-face with legendary heroes. And monsters. As HopeContinue reading “GREEK KEY is out, so let’s talk about Helen of Troy”