GREEK KEY sample up on Gumroad!

Greek Key goes live today–the first eleven chapters, at any rate. The cover is gorgeous.

I found some weirdo wandering around the garden, rambling on and on about moths and salvia. Turns out she’s killer at art.

I offer these free samples via Gumroad for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that self-published authors are an unknown quantity. We walk around the Internet shouting BUY OUR BOOKS! and readers say WHY? YOU PEOPLE ARE SCARY AND THERE ARE MILLIONS OF YOU AND YOU HAVE ZERO QUALITY CONTROL!

Honestly, that’s a very fair response.

So, here’s a big chunk of a book that might help you decide if you want to buy the final product when it goes live at Halloween. It’s a ghost story with monsters and swords. Check it out!

Download the readers’ sample here.

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A freelance editor who writes novels, comics, and repairs a disaster of a house in her spare time:

11 thoughts on “GREEK KEY sample up on Gumroad!

  1. Got it. Read it. Loved it. Can’t wait for the complete book.

    And now I *really* want to see Hope’s biopic starting Anna Kendrick!

  2. Get the finished product somewhere I can buy it, and take my money already! 🙂
    I won’t be downloading the sampler, because I’ll finish reading it in a couple of hours and be frustrated I won’t be able to actually finish the book.

  3. You know, I was like “Wow that looks like Ursula’s art.” And then I scrolled down and read the caption and laughed. I know I probably saw one or the other of you talking about it before, but September was awful. October is looking up, though.

  4. I will, as always, wait until I can buy the whole thing :).

    (What a month — new Leckie _and_ a new Spangler!)

  5. Woot for an Ursula cover (I had forgotten till now that I first found you/AGAHF via Digger) and is Greek Key available for pre order yet on Amazon? I know I will buy it, so may as well click the button now 😀

  6. speaking of ‘quality control’, there’s a huge gaping flaw in the dedication, where you said “delightfully” instead of “terrifyingly”.

  7. Previews are cruel. And/or I’m too weak-willed to avoid them. Finished it, loved it, and now I want it ALL!

    O the wait….

  8. Just wondering… is there any specific reason you don’t use Gumroad for the final distribution? I’ve bought a couple of books from there.

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