Never-ending List of Things to Do, November ’15 Edition

GREEK KEY has been out for two weeks, so this is the obligatory getting-my-working-life-in-order post.

Novels & Stories

GREEK KEY has sold very well! Two weeks out, and it’s already beaten STATE MACHINE for first-month sales. This is big, by the way: self-published authors (well, this self-published author) track sales very closely to determine readers’ interest and to plan out the next phase of the work cycle. Sales of GREEK KEY mean that there will be a second Hope Blackwell novel.

It also might mean there’s a Helen of Sparta novel–I can’t get this character out of my head. A few days after GREEK KEY came out, a plot for a Trojan War novel snuck up on me and smacked me across the face. I’ve been doing some outlining on this one; the plot would fit into the rules of the AGAHF universe but wouldn’t have any character crossover. Thanks, brain, you’re weird.

I’m also working on the fourth Rachel Peng novel. Book IV of VII, meaning her arc is already at its midpoint. I have no idea how this happened.


No real news other than there’s no real news. I’m starting to plan out a strategy to get all of the extra goodies to Backers; I can send out everything except the USBs with the audio files. This won’t happen until after the first of the year, because holidays and oh man I really need an assistant for packing and shipping. International orders are kicking my butt these days–I’ve got a stack of them ready to go, as soon as I fill out all of these forms so many forms…


If you sent me this, please email or message me. I have your book.
If you sent me this, please email or message me. I have your book.

Speaking of holidays, the next free book giveaway will start around December 1st. Thanks to very generous readers, there are currently 12 books in the free queue that need to go to good homes. I’ll be doing the Post-It giveaway again this year, so start planning your (a) laziest, (b) funniest, and (c) weirdest scenarios. Keep in mind that the story that goes along with the photo might push it over the top!

Also, whoever sent me this? You still haven’t claimed your prize from last year. There’s a copy of MAKER SPACE that would have your name on it, but I don’t know who you are.


Love it love it LOVE IT. Thanks again for poking me until I set up my campaign. It’s hanging about $40 away from the $1500 goal, which means odds are good that the Joshsmut will return in 2016!

(The first Joshsmut didn’t sell well, which surprised me considering the price point and…well. The smut. And I write good smut, if I say so myself! The poor sales made it less financially viable to invest time in writing more of these, but I had a lot of requests for a second novella, so I turned the Joshsmut into a Patreon goal. See: earlier note in which I track sales to determine which books need to go to series.)

Once the $1500 goal is reached, I’ll add a new tier. This will be to resume Disasterhouse updates. I think the best way to do this is to give Supporters early access to blog posts, and then let these posts go live a week later.

Anything else?

As always, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

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4 thoughts on “Never-ending List of Things to Do, November ’15 Edition

  1. Glad to hear book sales are going strong.
    I hope you’re celebrating by spending at least some of the proceeds “irresponsibly”
    (i.e. not on car-bills, but on a candle-lit dinner with Brown, new pink curtains for the weeping closet and chewtoy(s) for Dog(s), or whatever else is currently your main pleasure in life)

    I’d be very interested in reading “Helen of Sparta”. Her character came alive to me too in Greek Key, and I’d love to read more of her background. Consider this your first confirmed purchase!

  2. Honestly, I didn’t even know about the joshsmut until I dug into your older blog posts here, and I bought it in a heartbeat. It’s awesome stuff.

  3. Sorry the Joshsmut didn’t sell well– I quite thoroughly enjoyed it! I know your main store site doesn’t allow you to sell it on there– maybe if you didn’t call it Joshsmut, but instead, rebranded it as “Refined erotica for the discerning consumer”? 🙂

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