Zinc (Velveteen fanfic)

You’re all aware of the Velveteen Vs. stories, right? Author Seanan McGuire has this world full of superheroes and it…rather sucks for them. Think: 80s X-Men with Marketing and HR departments, insurance premiums, and lawyers fighting against corporations for a juicy slice of that superhero civil suit pie. The majority of these stories are freeContinue reading “Zinc (Velveteen fanfic)”

STATE MACHINE and superpowers

Hey! It’s Monday! STATE MACHINE just went live, and I’m going to talk about the plot…ish. This’ll be vague to avoid spoilers, but if you’re familiar with the books or the comic, you’re already aware that one of the general themes I use is real-world superheroes. This is the part I have fun with, especiallyContinue reading “STATE MACHINE and superpowers”