IS MADE OF WORD-THINGS oh I need such a nap…

STATE MACHINE is coming on May 11th, which means I’m fairly exhausted. I love everything about self-publishing except this final push. The book is done, but where traditionally published authors get to send their final draft to a printer and say Have at it, Ye Knaves!, I spend about a month making sure the book is good enough to go to press. Finalizing the cover art, going through pre-press layout, and all that. Then there’s copyediting and going through the text line by line to eliminate word and phrase echos–these are tedious but necessary chores, and I’m very lucky to have farmed out the copyediting to Danny-Who-Insists-On-Too-Many-Italics-No-I-Will-Not-Let-This-Go. Oh, and we’re in the middle of getting our foundation repaired so our house doesn’t collapse, so there’s that, too.

After April 30th, I’m back into audio editing for DIGITAL DIVIDE. Barring hell, high water, and the risin’ of a certain local crick, both of these will be done by May 11th. I’ll have more to say here about these projects when they’re done and my brain isn’t a tiny pool of goo kept alive by caffeine and chemicals.

(By the way, you can read the first seven chapters of STATE MACHINE here. This download contains a zipped file with .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats.)

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5 thoughts on “STATE MACHINE at Gumroad

  1. Absolutely amazing. I loved the preview chapters (goodness, felt like half the book!), and I can’t wait to buy the full thing 🙂

  2. Arrrgh, Just finished the preview of State Machine! Now to wait to see where this great story goes!! Bring on May 11th!!

  3. Can’t deal with teaser previews, waiting for the Kindle edition so I can read the entire book.

  4. State Machine, bought and read!!! Great book, and read it in two sessions, over way too soon. loved the Hope novel preview 🙂 Any time line on paperback version??

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