Site Maintenance

If your RSS/email has been bouncy today, I apologize; I’ve been doing some site maintenance, and while I try to disable functions, it doesn’t seem to catch everything.

BUT! Stuff fixed. More pretty. Things done.

Warning: lots of bugs.
Warning: lots of bugs.

HOWEVER! Nothing makes me feel dumber than a pile of old stumps than trying to program. I know, I know, it’s a foreign language and I have absolutely no instruction in it and I shouldn’t be expected to…

Stump pile. Many termites; some spiders. Much itching.

I did manage to build an HTML table! It’s very pretty. It’s got social media in it.


This site is hosted on WordPress, which minimizes many of the options available to those who use a customized WordPress theme and host their sites themselves. I learned this after shouting for about two hours at a feature that doesn’t exist in my version of the Internet; all of the tutorials I read on how to install the Magic Necessary Widget assumed you already knew you needed to host the site on your own server, not on WordPress.

See: stump pile.


It’s all stable now, and I’ve re-enabled RSS and email notifications. This is a test post so I can make sure everything is working properly, and please let me know if you experience any issues.

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A freelance editor who writes novels, comics, and repairs a disaster of a house in her spare time:

5 thoughts on “Site Maintenance

  1. No functional issues found, however, the title text of the store in your table on the right says ‘Patreon’, as does the Patreon link.

  2. Going through your archive and random pages keep forcing me to go to the AppStore for some game called DraftKings and not loading properly…

  3. Not related to the maintenance but rather to today’s newspost (and the replies on Twitter).
    I miss your house blog.
    I can understand if you think not dwelling on the things that happen will help keep you sane (or sane-ish).
    I can certainly understand if you just don’t have the time for a project that isn’t also a source of revenue.
    But, …. I grew up in a house that was only about 30 years old when Dad bought it, but the Architect was the original owner’s wife and she had some … odd ideas. And possibly no professional training.
    When I was about 10 my Mom bought a house that was about 150 years old, and several previous owners had apparently regarded “paint over it” as a perfectly valid repair technique.

    You write well, and I like dark humor, and … I miss your house blog.
    (Also love your comic and bought your novels, and please could you make all of those faster so there’s more of them. 😉 Maybe we should look into cloning.)

    1. I’d love to start updating the house blog again, but this house has broken our will to Funny. There’s no humor anymore! I can’t even watch The Money Pit without hiding under the bed and threatening the dogs when they try to get me to come out.

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