Spanish Mission

The second Hope Blackwell book is now live!

SPANISHMISSIONebookcoverLOWRESHope Blackwell, the world’s second-worst psychic, is tired of dealing with both the living and the dead. Between wrangling the ghosts of the Founding Fathers, medical school, and dodging the paparazzi, she’s got her own problems (and that last attempt on her life left her more shaken than she’ll admit!). So she packs up her friends and heads to Las Vegas for some high-octane escapism.

Their vacation is cut short when paranormal investigators show up with a story about ghost ships in the nearby Sonoran Desert. A desert is a strange place to search for pirates, but Hope knows all too well that the dead are everywhere. She tags along to make sure nobody will run into trouble if they find a homicidal ghost or two.

Hope wasn’t expecting the long-dead Spanish nun, or her pack of vengeful chupacabras. And they are just the beginning—this desert is full of ancient secrets, and psychics must beware.

Spanish Mission is the sequel to Greek Key, but can be read as a stand-alone novel if you’re familiar with the comic. It opens with Mare being shoved straight into the world of the dead, and goes downhill from there.

In the chronology, it takes place a couple of months after the events in Brute Force.  Hope is still coming to terms with how she was kidnapped.

Spanish Mission is available here (I’ll update these links as they go live):

(Also, I’ve finally gotten a Stoneskin paperback option.)

Finally, I’m always asked where readers should buy their books. Please buy it from the store which makes the most sense to you. Authors benefit in different ways from different methods of sales. But no matter what, we always benefit from reviews.

I hope you enjoy Spanish Mission!

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9 thoughts on “Spanish Mission

  1. Woo!! new book!! Read it already after keeping people awake from reading long into the night. A great read, story cracks along and some LOL moments in there as well. Waiting for release date on the paperback to add to my collection!!

  2. It kept me up ’til 2am, I adored Spanish Mission and getting to see more of Mare in action! And the footnotes are so, so much fun. Thank you for your writing!

  3. got it working on it. Glad you have it uot because you said Patreon or books, and I’m choosing books to support

  4. Fantastic!

    I’m a little curious about the timeline. If I recall correctly there are 5 years between part 1 and part 2 of the comic, and the books are set in those 5 years. Now, early in part 2 we learn why Rachel’s hair is currently white, and you’ve mentioned that That Event (TM) happens in the next Rachel Peng book, which will be set after the most recent Hope book. I may have gotten a mistaken impression, but I thought that That Event (TM) happened fairly shortly before Part 2 of the comic started, which wouldn’t leave a ton of time in between Spanish Mission and part 2.

    All of that is a fairly convoluted way to build up to asking this: the events of Greek Key and Spanish Mission seem to be extremely educational for Hope regarding her abilities and the way the worlds of the living and the dead interact. Hope in part 2 doesn’t seem to display that knowledge as much as I’d expect. Have I misunderstood the timeline or Hope’s knowledge in the comic, or am I assuming too much learning from how well she handles things in Greek Key and Spanish Misison?

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