Sometimes I try and read this in the same picture window that's mentioned in the opening pages of the book, and then the wood threatens to give way so I have to move.
Sometimes I try and read this in the  same picture window that’s described in the opening pages of the book, and then the wood holding the window seat up threatens to give way so I have to move.

In 2010, my husband and I bought a house. It’s a sort-of-famous house, built by Poet Laureate Randall Jarrell and his wife back in the late 1950s. We fell in love with the house at first sight, but the hate has grown strong and steady over time as we tackle the long, long list of renovations and repairs. I have been keeping a blog. We’re way beyond buyer’s remorse, guys.

4 thoughts on “DISASTER HOUSE

  1. Just recently found AG&HF, it’s magnificent. Now recommended to everyone I know. I loved reading the Disaster House blog (Obsessively, over a very few days, screw sleeping); as a four-year owner of a kludged then abandoned house myself, seeing your trials (and jokes) has been really relieving. Also we’ve adopted the phrase “A Thing.” Such as “What is that?” “That is… a thing. That needs fixing. Go get a crowbar and a stack of money, I’ll make sure it doesn’t crawl sideways.”

    Please don’t feel bad for abandoning the blog, sometimes the work on such a moneypit is all you can handle… and yet you write and draw, too! It’s amazing you haven’t let the dogs go hungry, the basement fill to wading-levels, the husband to his own devices and the blogs to electronic ghost turds. Abandonment is the natural state of blogs, I think. They need downtime to relax, too.

    On my to-do list for today is to call my local bookstore and demand they order all your available books for me to purchase ASAP. This is going to be great!

  2. I’ve also loved reading the Disaster House blog. Is there any chance that you’ll start it up again? One of those list blog entries with what happened since you last wrote would be great. How is Zu? Was there any problem after the possibly-rabied raccoon was removed? Did you ever get Murphy? Was the retaining wall in the front yard good at shifting water around (as opposed to into!) the house? Why is there a brick wall around the airconditioner slab? How did the bathroom reno go? Does your attic still have a snake?
    OK, I realise that you write for a living and that I’m basically asking for a freebie, which is not nice. But oh! I do so want to know what happened next!!

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