3 thoughts on “Disasterhouse Update

  1. Weed on a fourth of october? Really! In europe we drink port on this date. Lots of port…
    And if you are falling behind in your drinking, you can drink mead today to celebrate some other distant history. Ancient history is so much less distasteful than what is weaved nowadays.

    The viking king Fjolne ruled Uppsala with wisdom and held a good peace and the harvests were bountiful. He drowned in a vat of mead when he was visiting a friend with an impressing house. It was agreed by most that it was a good death for a good king.

    Yeah, and a nice house you have too… You can manage weed quite easily by investing in too much work. I would rather recommend a nice placebo for your allergy-symptoms. Gin-tonic with a nice quinine-flavored bitter-lemon style tonic is the tops! But stay away from that Tono-Bungay.

    I raise my glass to you!

      1. Thank you for the kind words.

        You are no stranger to strange yourself.

        And home ownership will eventually lead you into some kind of substance-abuse.
        Instead of just going for the glue, or the weed, you should contemplate the abuse of ethanol. It has long traditions in europe, especially with the creative class.

        With the declining populations of bees in mind, there is little sense in installing a vat for mead anywhere, even though it would most certainly make a fitting addition to a poets residence like yours. Is it even technically possible to find enough mead on your continent for a decent drowning? Not even for a mead-boarding?
        I thought not…

        Wild fermented apple-cider, diluted with a good gin is in my glass.

        I raise my glass to you!


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