Mangina Kaiju

Last night… Okay.  So.  I’m doing that lurky-thing you do when you’re working on that night’s update for your comic and two authors you follow start discussing how much they’d love to see a Mangina kaiju. As in:

Screencap because of the throwing things.
Screencap because of the throwing things.

And you’re all like “WELP COMIC CAN WAIT.”

As luck would have it, that’s when Brown got home from teaching Aikido. We did some light brainstorming on what a vagina kaiju should be.  And then I realized that I really don’t know what a vagina looks like; I understand the basics but the vast majority of my lifetime experience with vaginas is using a sample of one, from a distorted perspective. (Yeah yeah, I watch porn, but I’m not there for the ladies so you can shut up now.) So I searched “vagina,” went straight to Wikipedia, and there was an image of the female reproductive system.

Oh. Well, then.

The katakana pronunciation is MA-N-JYA-I-NA
The katakana pronunciation is MA-N-JYA-I-NA

And that’s that. There have been some requests for prints and shirts and such, but I’ve emailed John Scalzi and pledged to redo (aka: spend more than 45 minutes on) the design for the next women’s charity he organizes. So if you’re new to the site and came here because of a Mangina Kaiju link, hi!  I’m K.B. Spangler. I’m a SF writer and I do all kinds of dick jokes like this all of the danged time in both comic and prose form. Thanks for coming, please check back often. I’m generally nifty, and I eat well, get regular dental checkups, and shower daily.

(p.s.: I’m happy about the whole Mangina thing, except for the “dudebro” bits. I dislike this word.  Pejoratives that belittle individuals or members of a specific culture because of what they do or how they act? Well. Not cool, and not a term I will use myself.)

(p.p.s.: I’m obviously not unhappy enough about the “dudebro” bits to refrain from drawing a freakin’ Mangina Kaiju tho’.)

(p.p.p.s.: Mangina Kaiju.  eiiiie!)

(10/05/13: Edited to fix the one sentence that’s been bothering me for two whole days.)

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7 thoughts on “Mangina Kaiju

  1. Just catching up on Whatever and…
    Oi, that is damn *good* fan art. Wonder who the ar-
    NO WAY!

    What else can I say except that your art OTTERLY ROCKS?
    Consider yourself pardoned in advance for a thousand late AGAHF strips!

  2. Erm, no. ジャ is “ja”, not “jya”. So it’s “manjaina”. This helpful information brought to you by Weeaboo International.

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