The Russians Came Knocking

The first Josh pulp is up at Amazon and Smashwords!  It will take some time to populate to Barnes & Noble and other places, and I’ll update the links on this page when it does.

Cover art by Jenny Romanchuk of THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS.
Cover art by Jenny Romanchuk of THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS.

This story will never be sold through the comic’s store because it has smutty bits and my service providers have very strict terms regarding what can be distributed through my site and storefront.  I’m a little skittish about putting something with sex scenes out there, but our house is costing us thousands of dollars each month in repairs and the Romance genre is the main seller for e-books.  So, I’m letting Josh be Josh.  He does not mind in the slightest.

Except for slightly more explicit sex scenes, TRCK follows the typical pulp fiction format.  Adventure, mysterious foreign persons, suspicious murders, and so on.  There’s some damseling, but I’m not overly fretting; I had to add an entire chapter where Josh talks to a male character, or the entire story would have failed a reverse Bechdel Test.

I also wrote TRCK for long-time AGAHF readers. The story is very much Josh being Josh — a large part of Josh is Teh Sexytimz, but it’s a 36k-word novella and the sex scenes take up 4,000 of those. The other 32,000 words are Josh being Josh in his many other marvelous ways.

Man, I’m apologizing too much for the sex.

I’ll apologize for the squirrels instead.

I’m sorry for the squirrels.


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A freelance editor who writes novels, comics, and repairs a disaster of a house in her spare time:

16 thoughts on “The Russians Came Knocking

      1. 🙂

        Although quite honestly, you should have charged more. It’s almost half the length of Digital Divide. I’d’ve willingly paid more, anyway.

        1. Thank you again! But I’m trying to attract new readers from the e-book marketplace. Hopefully the genre and the price point will make it a tempting impulse purchase for newcomers.

  1. Only Mobi? ugh, I do not want to have to install the bloatware that is the kindle reading app. or sign up with smashwords, but that’s the lesser of two evils. You may want to try making it available as an Epub at amazon, you’ll get more buyers there that way.

  2. I am halfway through (damn insomnia means that 4am is normal, but at least 4am was entertaining) and am loving it!

  3. I’ve basically been in love with Josh since the first time he was even mentioned, so I’m buying this like the speed of light. 🙂

  4. Amazon wouldn’t let me give you my money, so I got it from Smashwords. When my words come back, I’ll throw up a review for both this and Digital Divide (seriously, I keep losing nouns in the sofa cushions; it’s ridiculous).

  5. Okay, that was an awesome read. I really love how you write really natural-sounding dialogue, and your characters are incredibly distinct personality-wise…like, they all have their own codes of ethics and personal blind-spots…it’s awesome! Nothing throws me off a story (or a movie, seriously I am the person in the theater whispering to myself “that doesn’t make any sense! why would that character do/say/think that?”) like lack of internal congruency in the characters.

    Also the smut was excellent ( with communication and active participation by both parties even!). I will definitely buy more of these when/if you write them.

  6. It was loads of fun, and you have nothing to apologize for re: the sex scenes– except that you left one out: you teased us with foreshadowing of a menage a trois with Josh & —- & —-, but never delivered on it. 🙂 I mean, it was mentioned later in passing as having actually occurred, but if you’re trying to deliver quality smut here, we need details! How does Josh divide his attention between 2 partners? Does he get his avatar to do some of the, uh, work?

    What do you call a sexual Checkov’s gun? Chekov’s dildo?…

    Seriously, though, your sex scenes were some of the best written erotica I’ve read in a while– they managed to be emotionally engaging and address real-world concerns, and still be incredibly hot.

    And you need to provide links to where we can buy those East Indian toys….

    And I loved the squirrels. (Er, wait, that reads funny after four paragraphs about sex… oh, never mind 🙂

    1. Amazon has an online Kindle reader, and I’m sure there’s other standalone readers as well for whatever file format it’s in.

  7. I just finished this. Lovely book, It’s nice to get some insight into Josh. And into the Elusive North-American Apartment Squirrel 😀

    A few small errors I spotted:
    > I am allowing them take me to jail.
    “I am allowing them [to] take me to jail”
    > since it had worked both on me and on as someone as well-traveled as Davie
    “and on someone”, without the “as”

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