Josh Glassman, Book 1 – Cover & Edits

This has been a terrifically lousy week. We have seriously ill family members and close friends in hospitals all over the place. This was the year I was supposed to go to Comic-Con but nooooo, my friend needs emergency cardiac surgery. Also, the tree which crushed our fence at the end of June has resulted in some huge unexpected expenses and insurance headaches, which I will discuss at length at the Disasterhouse blog once I regain my sense of humor about our money pit of a house.

(Don’t hold your breath on that one. We’re so sick of this place…)

Right. Happy times! The first Josh Glassman pulp novella, THE RUSSIANS CAME KNOCKING, has been sent to the copy editor* and Jenny is almost done with the initial coloring on the cover.

I love how it looks like they've been caught doing it by a helicopter's searchlight, but the helicopter is just calling them names and being a dick.
I love how it looks like they’ve been caught by a helicopter’s searchlight, but the helicopter pilot is just calling them names and being a dick.

Jenny tells me the next phase is to turn this into a painted piece, and then formal text layout (current text is a placeholder), and then textures to make it look like a well-beaten pulp paperback.  As for myself, I’m in the “very excited” phase.

*Yes, I need a copy editor. I am a copy editor and I need one myself. I sent DIGITAL DIVIDE off to him with the note “I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I’ve caught them all, which means I’ve definitely missed at least 10-20.” He came back with nearly a hundred errors.  Hire a copy editor.  They are awesome and necessary.

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