Schedule Update for 2014

As I sit here, watching the pool we uncovered this weekend slowly turn through multiple shades of green, it occurs to me that the year is already slipping away and I should post a project update.


Big success. Huge. On many different levels. Most of the rewards have been ordered, or are being processed in some way. The release of the bonus story, League Night, has been held up, but for a very good reason that I can’t talk about until it’s confirmed. However, once all this is over, I will be writing up a post about how difficult it’s been to interact with many organizations which work with seeing-impaired persons. Not all organizations, mind! Just almost all.


The JoshSmut series has been indefinitely postponed. Sales of The Russians Came Knocking weren’t nearly as strong as I needed them to be, and it hasn’t earned out its costs, This is sniffles-sad for me, as sex comedies are too much fun to write. I’ll see if it’s feasible to return to the other seven wives of Josh Glassman at a later time.

The Rachel Peng Series

The third book is taking shape. I’m much more hopeful about this one than Maker Space; by this third book, the world’s nicely established and now there’s some adventures to be had. As for when this is supposed to come out? Well. Last night, I realized there was potential for a spinoff novel from this book, but told from Hope Blackwell’s perspective because it involved the ghosts. Since there won’t be any ghosts in the Rachel books (or talking koalas. sorry), this spinoff novel would get shifted back to Hope. So what is essentially a series of books spun off from the comic is now spinning back to the comic’s characters… and now I’m so dizzy I’m going to throw up. The question is, do I write two books and publish them simultaneously? I would love to do this to make sure consistency between events carries over between them. Downside? These novels are now my primary source of income and I will be hella broke by then. Mull, mull, mull…


As of this weekend, Intelligence has been cancelled. We behaved like sensible adults and let the show do what it was going to do, and now we can move on with our lives. I’d love to see OACET on the small screen one day, Scandal-style. Maybe we should see their version of the straight-up cyborg procedural as testing the television waters for what would need to happen with full-on OACET conspiracy theory sexytime weirdness.

Now, have a baby possum.

Possums are the working definition of "conditionally cute".
Possums are the working definition of “conditionally cute”.


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9 thoughts on “Schedule Update for 2014

  1. Australian possums are adorable. I think this is to make up for everything else on the continent wanting to kill you.

    I’m sad about JoshSmut. I enjoyed it, and thought it would translate very well to a movie.

    1. I felt like posting exactly this, but you did! I will miss Josh Smut, and Aussie possums are cute (but the one who keeps eating my chilli plants to the ground need to go far far far away, possibly squirrel style!)

  2. I am REALLY sad about the JoshSmut! It was so good and fun. 😥 More people need to read JoshSmut. But two books . . . twoooo booooks. WANT.

  3. While I am sad about the loss of josh smut. I am definitely enthused about the possibility of two books! However please do whatever keeps you financially stable an able to write more books as i must say your books are now among my favorites. I will happily buy the books you write in whatever order they come out in and I look forward to any and all that you write. Thank you for books that I enjoy repeatedly rereading. Good luck.

  4. I love, love, love the idea of two books. It would be wonderful to read how Hope’s mind works and how she views how things are going during this time. I keep telling everyone to read your books. I absolutely love your writing style, it’s very engrossing.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m almost positive the Hope Blackwell book will be in the first person, but I’m still playing around to find her voice. So far, this is the best I’ve got:

      My life is the stuff of legends, and holy shit, wouldn’t it be nice if I were kidding? No. Ghosts, magic, talking animals… and now you think less of me because these are frou-frou nonsense words, the stuff of fiction, that fiction is fake, and if I say I’m not making this up, then I’m either crazy or a liar.
      Fuck you very much, too.

      As I said, still playing around, but I get the feeling she’ll be swearing quite a bit.

  5. I wonder if you could modify the pricing to make the Joshsmut work out better. I would have happily paid $2.99 for it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. On release let your readers know that it will be lowered to $0.95 in X months, and let those who will pay more do so and those who want to pay the lower price can also do so.

    I could just be biased, though. I would also love to see a Hope novel. Or two Rachel novels.

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