Coming in January!

One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on is the Joshsmut. These are eight novellas (30k-40k words in length) that follow national* playboy Josh Glassman as he solves crimes and engages in…well. These are sex romps. An adult sensibility is recommended, and being 18 or over to read them is absolutely required.

The first book, The Russians Came Knocking, was published in 2013. Sales weren’t strong enough to justify the next book in the series. I tabled the project, but added a Joshsmut goal to my Patreon. That goal was reached a while back, and I tried to release these books in a serialized format, but my time is a shark-filled nightmare and serialization fell apart. Still, I’ve kept working on this project. This month, I’m re-releasing The Russians Came Knocking with a new cover, along with the next book in the series, The Dinosaur Heist.


The only significant change to these books will be distribution, as sales will be exclusive to Amazon. I know limiting distribution channels can cause problems for some readers, but Patreons pledging at the $10.50+ levels will receive these books for free when they go to press.

* Josh would love to be an international playboy, but he’s not allowed to leave the country.