When Hope met Mike (Hope Blackwell #2)

21 Mar

I haven’t posted anything here lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working. The current large prose project is the sequel to Greek Key. It’s less research-oriented than the Rachel books, but writing a book from the perspective of a character with severe ADHD is challenging. Most prose flows from thought to thought, but Hope’s mind doesn’t work like that. Her thought process is the mental equivalent of walking barefoot on sharp rocks. This is a spoiler-free scene from the second Hope Blackwell book and, as always, will probably be edited down to a shade of itself by the time it appears in print.

Lemme tell you about the first time I met Mike Reilly.

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Disasterhouse update

20 Jan


There’s a new post at the home blog. It’s about buildings sinking into swamps and such.


28 Nov

The fourth Rachel Peng book is loose in the world!

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It’ll be a difficult Thanksgiving, but I love you, so…

16 Nov

Hey, you look great. And that turkey! Fresh bread, too? You’ve outdone yourself this year.

I brought pie. It’s from Costco, but they make darned good pies.

I also brought some stuff for you to read. I know you don’t want to–I know we’re all sick to death of politics–but it’s important to me.

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Rachel Peng book sale!

10 Nov

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BRUTE FORCE – on dreams and dreaming

17 Sep

Here’s a small spoiler-free section from BRUTE FORCE, the next Rachel Peng novel. I’m brushing up these pages today and thought you might like a look at this, and some of the research that informed it.

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Cover and Title Reveal for RP #4

19 Aug

Meet the fourth book in the Rachel Peng series:

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Joshsmut is live!

14 Jul

Thanks to the generosity and support of my Patreons, I’m launching my first serial fiction.

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Short Fiction – Who Tells Your Story

18 May

This isn’t Hamilton fanfic. This is what happens when there is Hamilton fanfic in a world where ghosts gain or lose power based solely on “how well and widely they are remembered”, and takes place in that oddly physical limbo between life and whatever comes next as seen in A Girl and Her Fed.

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An Email to a Young Artist

9 May
So I was in a waiting room drawing cat butts last week, and some very nice women sat down next to me. We got to talking about art, and one woman mentioned she had a younger teenager who was passionate about becoming an artist. I gave her my card, the teenager wrote to me, and… Well. I had hoped that I could just link to a few art community websites, but none of these seem safe for kids. I jotted down the following instead:

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